Washington's Culture of Deception

The American people know Donald Trump tells lies.  They believe the government he was sent to disrupt lives them.  The establishment’s culture of deception will not make Washington’s biggest adversary, Donald Trump, look like an honest man.  Many of his supporters would tell you, however, it makes him the change honesty demands. 

How Trump Has Managed to Defy Gravity

Until Washington changes and provides an acceptable alternative, Trump can not only shoot someone on 5th Avenue, he can get caught in the Kremlin on Vladimir Putin’s desk with a goat, and his supporters won’t care. They expect Trump will say, “Fake news!  Fake desk!  Fake goat!  Maybe a younger, hotter bovid, but not this one!”  They are good with that.

Trump is still all that is standing between his supporters and the return of the establishment.

Trump, the Bear, and the Tiger

It was a sad day for the rest of us who remember Ronald Reagan challenging the Soviets to “tear down this wall” and tossing communism into the “ash heap of history.”  What Putin could not do for Russia in 18 years, Donald Trump served up for him in a press conference:  Trump pulled the decaying corpse of the Soviet Union from its resting place in antiquity, polished it with compliments, and renewed its shiny status among the superpowers of the world.  


Belonging is a drug and we are all addicted to it. When a “like” validates our social worth, or we ignore work to respond to our most recent email, we confirm our identity in a tribe. Our brains reward the recognition with a dopamine rush. For years, I started my day with a dopamine hit at six a.m. from Morning Joe….

Our T-Rex President

Trump’s threat and his appeal are identical: He is the undistilled reptilian brain.

Trump is all id, the oldest and most primitive part of our brain, concerned only with the evolutionary basics: sex, sustenance and survival. His brain is not filtered by our social and emotional brain, much less by the rational, pre-frontal cortex. He has no Jeb Bush brain to digest facts and figures, issues and policy. Instead, Trump is a predator. When something enters his world, he either eats it, kills it or mates with it. That is all his predatory instincts can do….

Strength in Pearls

They stood as stones, the sentinels guarding the First Lady’s casket. Their work as Secret Service agents had been completed. Though they had protected her for decades, Barbara Bush was now in the loving arms of God. Still, they would not abandon their posts….

The DNC Sues Itself

The Democratic National Committee announced today that it is suing itself, Russia, and the Democratic Party’s former nominee, Hillary Clinton, alleging a grand conspiracy that harmed Democrats and disrupted the 2016 presidential election….